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Connecting the dots will be key as we recover from the pandemic – from reducing the likelihood of people developing mental health problems, to supporting the government’s obesity strategy

We know that COVID-19 afflicts all ages, ethnicities and genders – but also that those aged 35-69 are most likely to be affected, as are those working in the health and care sector or those who already have a disability. Free Long COVID programme At the start of the pandemic, Nuffield Health quickly identified that there was an unmet need and developed a free COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme, which blends physical and emotional support to help an ever-growing number of people who are experiencing the long-term effects of COVID-19. The programme is now available at 40 Nuffield locations throughout the UK with the ambition to roll out further by the end of 2021. Through this programme we will not only help people dealing with the symptoms of Long COVID and their families and carers but also build knowledge about this new disease and how to treat people in the longer term. Initial findings from the programme have shown that breathlessness improved in 45 per cent of

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