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Fiit’s new app enables users to see live stats in real-time on their TV

Will these Fiit offerings be a new upsell and if so, how much will they cost? This is something we’re working on, with further details being announced in due course. Will they be marketed as part of The Gym Group offering to bring in new members? Yes, the partnership will be marketed to new and existing members. We’ll be sharing further information across our marketing channels soon. Do you expect these offerings to attract a new type of member? Our research has identified a number of new and addressable audiences, as well as our current base and beyond. With over a third of UK consumers now owning a wearable device and with this number only set to increase, the introduction of the new Fiit Studio features and Fiit Pods allows us to respond to this increased demand for digital fitness. How will your competitors react? We’re responding to the changing needs of our members, as I’m sure our competitors are doing. We’ll be focusing on the things we can control as part of the pilot, reviewing the responses and adapting as appropriate. l

A new home workout option In addition to its deal with The Gym Group, Fiit has recently launched a new interactive fitness app that is capable of creating a fully interactive fitness experience directly via a user’s TV. ​​By enabling access to their choice of fitness tracker within the Fiit app on Sky Q, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart 2018-2021 TVs, users will see their live stats appear on screen as they work out. Previously only visible by connecting a mobile phone to the TV, the new solution will allow users to link to their TVs directly and view their Fiit points, rep counts, heart-rate zoning, and the number of calories burned in real-time. The new functionality adds to Fiit’s ecosystem and is part of the company’s strategy to “transform the living room into a fully immersive and interactive boutique fitness studio”. Fiit CEO, Daniel Shellard, told HCM; “This latest function allows us to continue advancing the interactive fitness experience while ensuring we continue on the path of bringing the gym home.”

Fiit background briefing Fiit was founded in 2017 by a team of former Google employees – the platform offers more than 700 workouts – either on-demand or in scheduled group classes with live leaderboards – plus 20 training plans tailored to different fitness goals. The Fiit app is compatible with more than 25 fitness devices, including Fitbit, MyZone, Samsung Watch and Apple Watch. Users can also purchase a Fiit device, enabling them to track their progress, reps, calories and join live leaderboard classes.

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