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Anytime Fitness has found members more open to trying new workouts

Neil Randall Anytime Fitness


e had a feeling there would be a lot of postlockdown, pent-up demand and it’s been great to see this happen. April 2021 was our best month for new memberships since we’ve been in the UK. Our clubs have been working incredibly hard during the pandemic to reach out to local communities. On average, our clubs lost around 25 per cent of their membership bases during the pandemic, but many have not just replenished these numbers, but grown them. The membership base is broadly similar, but we have noticed a strong uptake from the active ageing community. Suburbs are currently performing better, but city trading is building gradually. As workers steadily transition back into offices, we expect to see a significant boost for our clubs in city areas. Two trends we are noticing are changes in visiting times and the willingness to try new training methods. Working from home


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We’ve seen a soar in demand from businesses engaging with our clubs to support employee wellbeing means people are now visiting during traditional working hours, so while the morning and early evening are still predominantly the peak periods, they are less pronounced than before. Only being able to exercise outdoors, or at home, has pushed people to adapt to new methods of training. They’ve returned to the gym with open minds, providing us with great coaching and engagement opportunities. We’ve seen a soar in demand from local businesses engaging with our clubs to support their employee wellbeing, which is heartening. There’s also been more collaboration between clubs, for example, three sites teamed up to provide free health assessments to more than 150 staff as part of a local hospital’s staff wellbeing event.

Randall reports a strong uptake from the active ageing community