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The company is investing £5m to add more spa facilities to its clubs

We believe there’s space for another 30–40 David Lloyd clubs in the UK and we’ll build around two new clubs a year should look like, indoors and outdoors and at the kids’ offering, which hasn’t changed much over the years. In particular, how we keep older kids engaged. Innovation of our core product is ongoing and unaffected by our desire to grow the estate and expand our digital infrastructure.

Will you be growing your wellness offering post-COVID? Bricks and mortar-wise it’s entirely feasible, because we already have seven spa retreats in the UK and by 10 by December 2021, we’ll have invested around £5m to add new facilities to some of our larger clubs. We have an ambition to extend this into Europe too. However, we have to recognise that wellbeing – sleep, stress management, mental wellbeing, gut 40

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health and so on – is new territory for us. Coming out of the pandemic, our focus will be ensuring the core product is absolutely where it should be.

What are your growth plans? We believe there’s space for another 30–40 clubs in the UK and we’ll build around two new clubs a year – an ambition that isn’t diluted in any way by our European growth strategy. We’ll adopt a multi-model approach to achieve this UK growth. We have a standard club model that’s constantly evolving, with sites in the UK where that model will be implemented over the next few years. Meanwhile, our spa retreat model is about identifying existing clubs where we can extend the footprint. And then there’ll be a smaller footprint