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DLL has increased classes from 120 to 200 a week to meet demand

answer is, are we seeing the beginning of a dynamic where, post-lockdown, people are moving up the ladder, consciously investing more in their health? Are they looking for somewhere that can service their wellbeing needs, not just their fitness needs? We don’t have statistically significant data to prove this yet, but there’s no doubt we’re seeing an increase in people coming in who wouldn’t have considered us before. Our clubs are also notably busier. We’d normally have seen something like 1.1 visits per member per week. In some clubs, it’s now up to 1.6, and in many locations we’ve had to go from something like 120 group exercise classes a week to over 200 to service the demand. However, we are seeing a very small percentage of members still retaining some nervousness: we’ve seen a 3 per cent increase in the number of members visiting us less than once a month. That doesn’t sound a lot, but it’s important because one of our clear

objectives is to deliver value for money, and we do that by trying to get members to come in as often as they possibly can. Missing that by 3 percentage points is something we’re keeping a keen eye on.

What’s driving this performance? We were able to get things moving again quickly thanks to all our outdoor space – putting up marquees and moving group exercise outdoors. Lots of members are now asking us to keep the marquees in the long term, which I think is something we’ll review on a club-by-club basis, but certainly this interest in outdoor activity – something we already offered a lot of, incidentally – could be a permanent shift. We’re also still spending materially more operating our clubs on a month-by-month basis than in the corresponding period of 2019. That isn’t sustainable in the long term, but we’re doing it because the ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 8 2021