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David Lloyd Leisure smashes recovery target ussell Barnes, CEO of David Lloyd Leisure DAVID LLOYD LEISURE



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(DLL), has told HCM the company has ‘smashed’

its business recovery forecast by returning to pre-pandemic membership levels sevens months ahead of expectations. [See our interview on page 36]. The operator, which has 122 clubs – 99 in the UK and a further 23 across Europe – now has 660,000

Our offer supports the shift in lifestyles to hybrid working and less commuting DLL has regained its pre-pandemic membership levels

Russell Barnes

members across its estate. Barnes also said DLL’s offer

been fuelled by pent-up

“The health crisis has

to reach that figure by

demand experienced by

clearly fuelled demand for

of family-friendly lifestyle

the spring of 2022.

the industry as a whole.

wellbeing and fitness, but

facilities – in addition to their

our clubs, with their breadth

suburban locations – have also driven the uplift.

It had initially estimated

Barnes said the

“Like many businesses,

rapid bounceback and

we anticipated a strong

of family-friendly lifestyle

unprecedented business

post-pandemic recovery,

products, and suburban

growth since the Europe-

but no one could have

locations, mean that we are

wide reopening of clubs

predicted such a phenomenal

particularly well placed to

earlier this year had, in part,

bounceback,” he explained.

take advantage of the boom.”

“Our offer supports the shift in lifestyles,” he said. More:


itness is the world’s most

It also showed that

popular physical activity

almost six in ten citizens

nearly 60 per cent of

across the 29 markets say

people would like to

they would like to do more

spend more time exercising.

exercise (58 per cent), with

The figures come from the new Global Views on Exercise and Team Sports study by

the biggest obstacle being lack of time (37 per cent). The study also throws up

Ipsos – conducted with the

interesting geographical

World Economic Forum – which

and cultural differences

explores attitudes to physical

when it comes to barriers

activity and sport in 29 nations.

to physical activity.

Among the report’s


Fitness is most popular physical activity globally

Men spend, on average, 6.9

findings were that the five

hours a week doing physical

most frequently practiced

activity – almost an hour a day,

activities in a normal week are

while women spend 5.4 hours

fitness (20 per cent of those

– 1.5 hours less than men.

questioned), running (19 per

Read the full report at

cent), cycling (13 per cent),

football/soccer (10 per cent) and swimming (9 per cent).


58 per cent of people would like to do more exercise

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