HCM Issue 6 2022

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Small but mighty Small group training is growing ever more popular, driven by supply-side innovation and demand, as HCM’s Frances Marcellin discovers

Matthew Januszek Escape Fitness

photo: Escape Fitness

Matthew Januszek

Equipment innovation and evolution is a key reason why small group training remains popular, despite the fact that it’s been a staple for many years. As a functional training equipment provider, it’s our job to develop the training tools instructors need to inspire, and deliver results. This means constantly questioning the ordinary in pursuit of the extraordinary and introducing results-driven training tools to keep members engaged and paying.

We’ve worked with Pete Holman – inventor of the TRX Rip Trainer – to bring The Escape Barrow to market The Escape Barrow, designed by Pete Holman

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photo: Escape Fitness


Over the years we’ve worked hard to ensure small group training can evolve through inspiring equipment innovation. Ten years ago, for example, our training frames focused on supporting the execution of bodyweight exercises. Today this remains core, but as the market and consumer needs have evolved, we’ve added new elements. For example, this year, we’ve introduced The Crux, a variable resistance infinity rope and The Stack, a fully-integrated cable column. Each provides instructors with a wide variety of exercises, adjustable to suit size, ability and muscle group. In the last month, we’ve also worked in collaboration with Pete Holman – inventor of the TRX Rip Trainer and Nautilus Glute Drive – to bring a new product called The Escape Barrow to market. This is the world’s first farmer carry/sled pull combo. This piece of kit has been designed to invigorate small group training spaces. With its easy-load, back-safe design, this kit will inspire all abilities, from seasoned athletes to complete beginners. Constant equipment evolution is key to keeping small group training fresh and inspiring. Adding new kit that looks, feels and performs well is ultimately what keeps members coming back for more.