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Jeremy McCarthy Group director of spa, Mandarin Oriental


Tell us about Intelligent Movement Mandarin Oriental is collaborating with local Hong Kong-based physiotherapist, Joint Dynamics, and global sports performance innovators, Hyperice, to launch a variety of new treatments and services to help our guests move more and move better. The initiative will include new signature massage treatments designed to loosen the joints as well as a series of mobility exercises that our fitness trainers and spa therapists can recommend to guests to help them improve their posture and overall movement capacity.

McCarthy has himself greatly benefited from movement practice


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What's the thinking behind the initiative? We see that the majority of guests who come in to our spas and fitness centres all have the same challenges with mobility caused by our modern relationship with technology. Because we spend too much of our time sitting in chairs, hands on our keyboards and eyes staring down at screens, most of our guests are movement-deprived and mobility-challenged.