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We need to take a whole system approach to create a ‘National Wellness Service’ Elaine Briggs, FutureFit Training

How can we ensure that wellbeing through exercise is available to all on a more equitable basis, rather than being the preserve of the well-off? Muir: The NHS needs to shift £100m from the drugs budget to the activity therapy budget. Tara: We have the most incredible ‘product’, which anyone can access, regardless of gender, background, postcode or finances. If product focus is one step, then the next must surely be delivery. An inclusive and creative model, providing accessible, safe, enjoyable environments, is ours to share.

Our role needs to be better understood in the allied health professions Tara Dillon, CIMSPA 74

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as providing the support and guidance for people to start micro-businesses and social enterprises. We could establish local and community employment collectives and trust banks, so people can access ‘micro credit’ and short hours employment can be aggregated to become something longer-term. Elaine: Having to adapt to a new way of working and living under lockdown has provided the opportunity to do things differently, embrace technology, undertake learning and reach out to others. The result will be our workforce seeking a more flexible way of working and collaborating.

We need to educate the workforce and the public about the benefits of leading a healthy life

Collaboration, contribution and solution firmly ensconced in every delivery model’s mindset and values are also key. Stuart: Our [Sport England] strategy has a major aim to connect efficiently with health. Our workforce must be professionally recognised and regulated to make social prescribing easier and part of the standard health offering. We’ll also extend our pilot work with occupational therapists based in leisure facilities to make this support more easily accessible. Elaine: We need to educate our workforce and the public about the benefits of leading a healthy life. The workforce needs to understand that the answer lies not in fitness and facilities but in communities and health. The public needs to be made aware of the many opportunities they have to become healthier in their local areas, assisted by a professional and credible workforce recognised by the health sector.