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Train anywhere in the world

Challenge yourself

Train with a pro

Step out your comfort zone with advanced HIIT workouts, enjoy a variety of movements and exercises where the intensity is automatically set up

Enjoy a personalised training experience designed around your personal training goals. The virtual trainer will guide you through one-on-one sessions

Explore breathtaking scenic locations that will inspire you to go the extra mile. Let natural and urban landscapes captivate you while working out

Welcome to the world of creative fitness, where exercise and fun merge to change the way we train Space-savvy – rethinking design Excite line offers the best ratio of floor footprint to user training space, giving members more room to move freely and achieve their full potential. Excite Run has a ground-breaking new design that provides everything members love about running, while taking up 30 per cent less space and providing 13 per cent more space for running and exercising.

Energy savvy – friends with the planet The new Excite line represents the next generation of sustainable equipment. The fully-connected Human Powered is the first generation of smart equipment that doesn’t require electricity or batteries to run the 10” LCD touchscreen, complete with wi-fi, Bluetooth and onboard innovative content.


Club Nova

Excite Live creates memorable experiences at Club Nova

The goal for Club Nova, part of Denbighshire Leisure, was to provide high-quality, accessible leisure opportunities, while creating memorable fitness experiences. “Excite Live is truly cutting-edge, we’ve always been early adopters and the product allows us to fully utilise Technogym’s astounding functionality and software, adding immense value to our customer experience,” says MD Jamie Groves. “With a varied membership base, the Excite Live range helps us give everyone a memorable experience with so much added value, whatever their training background or goal.”

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