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WHO steps up policymaking for physical activity sector he World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a webinar series to explore the

future of physical activity and


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sport in a world affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Consisting of eight webinars,

during COVID-19 recovery

The webinars will explore different dimensions of what it will take to build back better

under the title reINVENT &

Professor Fiona Bull

the programme involves industry leaders discussing the practical actions needed

Recommendations from the webinars will inform WHO policy

reBUILD: Working together for a stronger, fairer and more

2021, four emerging and

stronger: opportunities for

build better links between

inclusive physical activity

interconnected challenges

exercise, fitness and health’.

health and fitness sectors.

and sport system for all.

will be explored to identify

Led by moderator Amanda

Fiona Bull said: “The webinar

practical actions: innovation,

Harding (Convene) and

series will explore different

from the webinar series will

accountability, partnership, use

chair Fiona Bull (WHO), the

dimensions of what it will

inform WHO and stakeholders’

of evidence and investment.

panels discussed how the

take to build back better

sector can best engage more

from the pandemic.”

Recommendations arising

The first webinar took

future policy and practice. During the talks, which are running until September

place on Thursday 27 May

people to be more active

and was titled ‘Build forward

and the opportunities to



The GYMs Act was tabled in

he US fitness industry is mobilising to support

the US Senate on 13 May by

the Gym Mitigation and

senators Tammy Duckworth

Survival (GYMs) Act, which

(Democrat, Illinois) and Jerry Moran (Republican, Kansas).

could provide up to US$30bn

If passed, the GYMs Act

in grants to health clubs and

would enable businesses to

studios at risk of closure.


US GYMs Act would provide sector with US$30bn in grants


claim grants of up to US$25m. It is the second time that US lawmakers have looked to pass legislation that would provide financial help to the hard-hit US health and fitness industry. US Senator Tammy Duckworth said: “This bipartisan bill will help gyms

This will help gyms have the resources they need to get to the other side of the pandemic Senator Tammy Duckworth

have the resources they need to get to the other side of this pandemic.” More:

The GYMs Act would help businesses under threat of closure

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