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HCM people Once we grow beyond Manchester we’ll go head to head with Equinox and Third Space

Andy McGlynn Founder, GSquared

How have you been coping with the stress? Stress happens when the body is in a sympathetic state. Learning how to keep switching out of this and into a parasympathetic state helps mitigate it. There’s a lot of adrenal support you can administer to yourself and our gym members have the same needs, which is why GSquared Clubs 14

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Tell HCM readers what’s been happening Having set out with the intention of building a gym to rival the most advanced in the world, we’ve absorbed all sorts of challenges, from Grade II listed building obstacles, through to the issues the pandemic brought. Having discovered a site for the first gym location – a 12,000sq ft space in my beloved home of Manchester – we’re now three years further down the line and only weeks away from opening. On reflection, I’m grateful for this time, as it’s allowed us to enhance the product far beyond what I’d originally planned and I’ve also taken the time to increase my certifications – something I’ve invested in across 18 years of being a personal trainer and mentoring other PTs. This has taken me to new levels of knowledge that’s being percolated into the membership service.

Andy McGlynn has been in the fitness industry for 18 years as a trainer and mentor