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Each health club has its own unique challenges, but the right tech solution can make all the difference. In the first of a two-part series, specialists share how they’ve solved specific issues

Our technology allowed 1Rebel to upload its own content and stream it to 32 screens across four workout zones Ernst De Neef

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1Rebel approached us to provide a solution that would support its trainers in delivering a more personalised workout experience for its functional, high-intensity 1Rebel Rig concept. This is the kind of project we get excited about, so we explored how our digital solutions could be applied. The result was the installation of our MultiScreen Solution. Our technology allowed 1Rebel to upload its own content to our Virtual Player platform and stream it to 32 screens that we helped strategically position across four workout zones: assault bike, rower, bench, and rig. Individual screens were programmed to independently display single exercise videos in sync with the other 31 screens in the circuit, creating a digital coaching resource at each workout station. The implementation of our MultiScreen software

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photo: 1Rebel


The installation fused digital and in-person instruction

created a workout environment that freed up 1Rebel’s trainers to focus more on motivating, inspiring, and generally delivering interactions that enhance the individual workout experience of their customers. Through this fusion of digital and inperson instruction and coaching, 1Rebel has evolved the classic circuit concept and elevated the experience for participant and trainer to a new level. This is the future of boutique and gym-floor training.