HCM Issue 4 2022

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NHS partnerships In the wake of the pandemic, is the time ripe to change the language around the role of exercise professionals, and gain greater trust from the healthcare sector?


he UK’s already stretched National Health Service has been put under unprecedented strain by the global pandemic. Amid the situation with trusts in crisis, ambulance queues, and extended NHS waiting lists,


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there’s so much our sector could do to support our health service and healthcare professionals. But how do we make them hear, trust and use us? Much progress has already been made, and there’s an ever-growing body of research that supports

the immense health benefits of physical activity. But is it now time for the health and fitness sector to change its language, and present exercise professionals as what they are – highly-trained activity therapists? Kath Hudson asks our panel of experts.

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Fitness pros can deliver ‘activity therapy’