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BMPT found it was outgrowing its previous management software

Developer: Quoox Client: Barrie Mark Personal Training Centre Location: UK ● www.quoox.com

Ben Brand The Barrie Mark Personal Training Centre (BMPT) in Carlisle is a small group and 1-to-1 gym. Having been in the fitness industry 14 years, BMPT found it was outgrowing its previous management software, paying different subscriptions for bookings and payments, newsletters, marketing, nutrition and online training. BMPT founder Barrie Mark Scougal approached Quoox in April 2020 with a view to migrating to an integrated system to cover all these functions,

Developer: Myzone/Wellonomics Client: Acushnet Europe Location: UK ● www.myzone.org

Employees have had the opportunity to benefit by enrolling in the company Myzone scheme

Ben Hackney-Williams Myzone Wellonomics is on a mission to improve business and employee performance through its personalised wellbeing platform. The Wellonomics assessment tool identifies areas of life that require support from time-to-time to keep clients performing consistently with the help of a team of qualified experts. The heart rate tracking, physical activity measurement and long-term culture shift from this assessment and performance measurement comes from Myzone software and its ongoing engagement within any community. In recent months, Wellonomics has been providing health and wellness solutions to golf retailer Acushnet Europe Ltd through its health experts at the Training Shed. Pre-pandemic, this included the design and delivery of a new physical training facility, face-to-face workshops and one-on-one sessions. Myzone was available in the training facility for classes but was not integrated into a ‘take-home’ solution, an issue the team remedied. During lockdowns and the shift to remote working, employees have had the opportunity to benefit from health club insights by enrolling in the company 86

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Myzone scheme to encourage physical activity and a company culture synonymous with group activity and health promotion. This has been achieved with the use of company Myzone challenges and leaderboards. It has resulted in over 6,000 moves, 10,761 hours of activity, 3.7 million calories being burned and a total of 863,000 MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) achieved. PHOTO: MYZONE



with the option to extend into new areas of tech, such as member apps and staff management and to get access to functionality such as retention tools. Quoox’s suite of functions include using XRcize and FitFlix for video and workouts on-demand and FitnessHub as a member portal, while the system has over 200 other features, enabling BMPT to launch new online and on-demand services, for example. Quoox’s integration with Myzone has streamlined BMPT’s delivery of MZ-Remote sessions and their day-to-day processes, while reporting, KPIs and metrics enable Scougal to manage his business proactively and identify opportunities for growth.