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The pool at what will become the Siro Montenegro – opening in 2023

Siro (pronounced sigh-row) represents the four pillars of the brand: strength, inclusivity, reflection and originality:

with the new brand – he’s an opportunity to “celebrate the embodiment of living to the triumphs of the day,” says your fullest potential, and Zuber. “They will create an Strength we’re excited to bring him experience for all the senses to always be resilient and committed on board at the very start of and will focus on exploration to become the best version of yourself our Siro journey,” he says. and play, coming to life through Inclusivity Peaty told HCM, “Siro is sight, touch, and sound, being to always celebrate the diversity an exciting new experience spaces where guests will want of people and their passions that seems to be missing to linger, blurring the lines in the hotel space. between virtual and reality.” Reflection “As an elite athlete who Guest rooms will be to always nurture harmony, balance, and wellbeing strives for perfection in designed as sanctuaries – everything I do, I know just places of calm, where people Originality how important the tiny details can recharge. They’ll be styled to always challenge convention are with an environment such to have restorative properties and elevate experiences as this. From the tranquillity such as air filtration and of the bedrooms to the circadian lighting to provide an best-in-class nutritional advice, to the state-ofoptimal sleeping environment, while in-room spa and the-art fitness facilities and recovery lab, Siro is steam showers will aid rejuvenation and recovery. aiming to revolutionise the guest experience.” Wellbeing will go beyond the physical and mental, employing smart technology and using sustainable Community spaces materials to enhance the space and building and Siro will provide “thoughtful environments” offering a private refuge for rest and recovery. for both local residents and guests, aiming to The concept will expand beyond the hotel become a meaningful part of the community. and include streaming classes, workshops, A social bar for guests and the community will be and knowledge-sharing events to connect the “heartbeat” of the hotel, says Zuber. Public spaces the Siro community and integrate with will be “fully immersive and social” and will offer people’s day to day fitness routines. l ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 4 2021