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Hussle also attracts hybrid customers. “This is the area we’ve seen grow hugely during the pandemic”, says Owens. “These are the customers who get fit in numerous ways, who spend on other fitness services, but still want occasional gym access.”

Hussle invests in marketing to consumers via big-brand partnerships and corporate health

Keep them engaged by being flexible

Increase footfall

Peloton saw its quarterly workouts more than quadruple during 2020 – from 19m in Q1 to 77m in Q4, while ClubIntel reports that 72 per cent of global operators now offer on-demand and livestream workouts – up from just 25 per cent in 2019. With tech giants like Apple and Google getting involved, this member cohort is only set to grow. These services could represent a threat to operators’ wallet share, but an October 2020 IHRSA report found 95 per cent of members miss at least one aspect of the gym; evidence that a flexible offering will be the way to ensure these modern members, who don’t want a one-size-fits-all gym, continue to use bricks and mortar facilities at least on some basis.

By offering two types of pass to access venues, Hussle enables operators to create an even broader appeal. Members who need more than one venue can opt for the MultiClub Pass – priced at a premium to protect operators’ own direct membership. Try-before-they-buy members, alongside those wanting occasional gym access, can opt for the Day Pass, based on operators’ own prices. Either way Hussle gets footfall through the door, risk free. “We appeal to customers by investing in two main marketing channels – direct to the consumer through big-brand partnerships with companies such as American Express and Vodafone, as well as via big-name employers providing fitness-as-a-benefit, such as Travelodge, Facebook, Channel 4, and multiple NHS trusts,” explains Owens. “And finally, our key audience is aged 20-35 – the next generation of gym members, who are typically younger than most operators’ core 40-plus audience, offering yet another opportunity to get new people engaged.” l To find out more about Hussle or to become a partner visit www.hussle.com/listmy-gym. It’s free to list a gym on the platform and we’re always keen to discuss building a recovery partnership with operators.

“When I was working across the UK, Hussle’s flexibility allowed me to explore some great gyms that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. “When I’m based in one place, I use Hussle to test out the best gym for me in the area and then purchase a direct membership. I always keep an eye on Hussle for new gyms, so that I can try them out when I’m travelling in different areas” Jordan, 36-year-old engineer, Cardiff

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