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More than 30,000 Hussle users have been turned into direct members in the last 18 months. Find out how Hussle can help your business bounce back

A wider appeal Hussle appeals to very specific customer wants – choice, freedom and flexibility. There are customers who need more than one venue to fit their lifestyle – with access to facilities in several locations – so wouldn’t join a single gym. Then there are customers who are keen to try venues before joining directly and who try-before-they-buy via Hussle. “This is where our Membership Conversion Service (MCS) comes into its own, generating new direct members with no marketing costs,” says Jamie Owens, director of fitness partnerships at Hussle. “We proactively


perators lost 30-40 per cent of members during a year where the pandemic saw our industry forced to close three times. With estimates suggesting UK gyms have lost in the region of £2.3 billion in revenue it stands to reason that this year’s primary focus is going to be rebuilding memberships to recoup lost revenue and drive new income streams. Naturally this will involve re-engaging old members and anecdotal feedback suggests operators are expecting a post-COVID ‘bounce’ on reopening, caused by significant pent-up demand. But once that wears off and the tougher summer months kick in, a more important consideration will be how to attract the 85 per cent of the population who don’t currently interact with our industry at all. This cohort is exactly the customers that fitness marketplace Hussle can help operators target.

Rebuilding memberships is a priority as the industry comes out of lockdown

Our audience is aged 20-35 – the next generation of gym members – offering yet another opportunity to get new people engaged Jamie Owens, Hussle encourage users to join clubs they attend regularly. On average, 26 per cent of Hussle customers go on to become direct members – more than 30,000 users have been turned into exclusive members in the last 18 months alone. “With MCS we present a unique offer to gyms. We make joining a seamless journey for the customer and, in doing so, convert more high-value direct members. “What makes Hussle unique in the market is that a member converted is just that, an actual member. Most marketing partners provide operators with revenue, but the customers will never become their own. Hussle isn’t trying to own the customer, just enabling them to make an informed choice – and if one gym offers the right fit, we actively encourage them to join.” ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 4 2021