HCM Issue 4 2021

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You Fit, owned by Kew Green Hotels, currently manages 22 properties and is looking at global expansion

What’s the scope of your ambition? While we’re initially looking for hotel contracts, our central team has a breadth of experience in private and public health clubs, gyms and spa operations, both in the UK and internationally, so the plan is to move towards working globally with hotels and independent club operators. We’re also planning to launch a You Fit franchise. Why now? Expansion is something we’ve been planning for some time. We feel we’re well placed to support and manage the recovery of any business through this post-lockdown period, to enable companies to get the most out of their business. With the hotel sector fully re-opening, understandably the focus of hoteliers will be the commercial recovery of their properties. With this in mind, we can step in and focus on the leisure business for them by supporting and ensuring the financial recovery of the leisure offering, so they’re able to focus on the core hotel business.

The hotel market has a well established ‘op co/prop co’ model. Why has the health and fitness industry failed to develop in the same way? There’s no doubt the hotel industry has changed significantly. Once upon a time, if you stayed in a branded hotel, it was owned by the company whose name was over the door. Today, hotels are often a collaborative business partnership between a brand or franchise, an operator and a separate business that owns the physical asset. The hotel industry is very well established and by comparison the health club industry has only begun to mature in the same way in recent years. I have no doubt similar multi-faceted business partnerships and ownership arrangements will emerge in the years to come. Ours is an exciting, evolving industry and we will see the growth of franchise and licenced brands, management companies and venture capitalists working collaboratively as our industry continues to mature and expand. ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 4 2021