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As women, we can work with the biological rhythm of our body to unlock the best in ourselves every day

Jessica Ennis-Hill launches Cyclemapping app


it tech company, Jennis, the brainchild of Olympic gold medallist Jessica EnnisHill, has launched a new app called Cyclemapping in conjunction with The Well’s Dr Emma Ross, who is Jennis’s resident physiologist. CycleMapping helps women match their fitness sessions to the four phases of their menstrual cycle to optimise their hormone levels. The app joins the company’s growing portfolio of training, pregnancy and postnatal tech. “Every woman’s experience of her period is different,” Ross told Vogue. “The commitment from the Jennis team to making sure every user is given a bespoke plan is what sets it apart.” App users are recommended a different selection of workouts each day, including HIIT, strength, yoga, LISS, audio HIIT runs and recovery session, all between five and 35 minutes long. “A number of important hormonal changes take place across the different phases of the cycle,” says Ennis-Hill. “These affect motivation to train, the way muscles adapt and the type of fuel the body needs. “By understanding what’s happening hormonally, we can help women do what’s best for their body at the right time in their cycle.

Jessica Ennis-Hill is growing a portfolio of tech products to support women’s health via her company, Jennis

“It’s possible to build more lean muscle by focusing strength training in the follicular phase, for example – the first half of the period cycle – when high oestrogen levels can lead to strength gains increasing by 15 per cent more than at other times,” she explains. “I never really researched my period cycle and the effects having a baby had on my body until I had issues,” Ennis-Hill told Vogue. “I had tightness in my muscles and an issue with my Achilles as a result of having a baby – both of which I’d had no idea could happen. “What I want to achieve is to see women using the app long term,” she said. “For me, success for Jennis Cyclemapping would be hearing about women whose monthly symptoms have changed and are building a great relationship with exercise. It’s about comparing how you feel and are performing to the previous month, rather than the constant weekly pressure.” “When you cycle-map, you become more body literate,” said Ross. “As women, we can work with the biological rhythm of our body to unlock the best in ourselves every day. Most women have their period cycle happen to them, but this is about taking back the power and mastering skills to ultimately become healthier and happier.” l ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 4 2021