HCM Issue 3 2021

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Product innovation

Steph Eaves rounds up the latest launches in health and fitness Funxtion’s corporate fitness app will empower your workforce, says Ernst De Neef Digital fitness supplier FunXtion has introduced its new white labeled corporate fitness app to support healthier and more productive workplaces. Designed to provide a healthy wellbeing hub

for employees, the app includes: connectivity to wearable devices, inclusive training plans to suit every ability and an extensive library of on-demand workouts and online coaching options. Together,

The app features an extensive library of workouts

this gives employees access to a host of training options, wellness solutions and a means of connecting to colleagues anytime, anywhere. Ernst De Neef, FunXtion CEO, commented: “It has been a turbulent time for all of us, with many adapting to working from home and tackling a more sedentary lifestyle. “With audio workouts for lunchtime walks, seven-minute break workouts, ‘no sweat’ workouts, communication with real-life coaches and duo workouts that colleagues can tackle

We’ve launched this app to help businesses thrive by prioritising health Ernst De Neef

together, the app has an exercise to meet any goal. “We’ve launched this app to prioritise employee health and, in turn, help businesses thrive.” fitness-kit.net keyword


Nautilus Leverage Deadlift Shrug helps members learn proper technique, says Jon Thiel Nautilus has launched the Leverage Deadlift Shrug, which is billed as an ideal solution for those seeking the benefits of

The defined path of motion helps those new to strength training Jon Thiel


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the deadlift movement on an assisted machine. This new product from the Leverage line is aimed at facilities hoping to expand their free weight, functional, or plate loaded areas. “The Deadlift Shrug is easy to use, safe for the user and effective,” said Jon Thiel, Nautilus’s director of products. “The defined path of motion helps new strength training members to feel comfortable beginning their journey. Gym staff

The Deadlift Shrug has been designed for safety

don’t have to worry about potential client injury. It is not uncommon to scrape the barbell on the front of the shins, especially when first learning the deadlift exercise. With the Deadlift Shrug’s pivoting

handle design, the risk to the user is eliminated.” The Leverage line ensures low load points for safe and simple use. fitness-kit.net keyword