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I think we have an opportunity to do for boxing what F45 has done for functional training

Tim West Co-founder UBX

photo: UXB

What’s your elevator pitch? We started UBX (you-box) with one aim in mind: to let everyone experience the transformational power of boxing. We realised the biggest challenges people face with exercising are the inflexible nature of group fitness and the high cost of one-on-one training, so we designed a model that combined individualised boxing workouts with convenience.


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photo: UXB

UBX aims to bridge the gap between group classes and 1-2-1

A UBX workout consists of 12 rounds of boxing-led strength and cardio training, delivered by expert trainers who advise on form and technique and adapt the workouts to suit people of all fitness levels – we train anyone from professional athletes looking to push themselves to the limits to new parents getting back into exercise.

How did you come up with the idea? I grew up boxing and loved the sport. As I moved through roles as a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer and gym owner, I used boxing as a conditioning tool for myself and my clients. In my experience, boxing is the ultimate workout. Despite its proven effectiveness and popularity, however, no one had developed a product that combined all the benefits of boxing with a science-based strength programme. My clients also struggled with committing to a workout programme, as life often got in the way. I wanted to create a place where people could experience world-class boxing and strength training workouts at any time that they wanted, so I approached Danny Green (four-times world boxing champion) for feedback on the concept. He embraced it, saying: “This is the way I trained throughout my entire career” and invested in the company as co-founder.