HCM Issue 11 2021

Page 57

FitCert.eu will give health clubs much more than a Google or TrustPilot review could achieve More detail required This stage involves answering a further set of detailed questions that dig deeper into the operations and management of the facility. Assessors validate the information provided through online interviews and checks. It’s our expectation that as the scheme gets underway, the majority of clubs will initially stay at Stage 3, but we’re a competitive sector and some will undoubtedly want to go to Stage 4, which we call the Gold Standard. This stage is demanding, as clubs need to conform 100 per cent to all standards and the full certification process requires an on-site inspection conducted by the independent certification bodies. However – bearing in mind that the standards have been written by people in the industry – Stage 4 requirements are still entirely achievable. Feedback from the scheme will help provide the evidence and information to make sure the FitCert. eu standards are really representative of best practice – this is why we have Stage 5 as part of the structure. ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 11 2021

photo: Jacob Lund

documents, social media examples, photos and/or videos. The answers are checked by industry experts who want to be sure that the club is answering correctly and they may ask for further evidence to substantiate answers. This stage is all done online. Health and fitness clubs that complete Stage 2 will be given a certificate to show that they’re now a ‘Recognised Club’. This validation will come from EuropeActive, together with the relevant national association (if they’re a member). Clubs will also get window stickers to show members and users that they’re in the scheme. All this activity will be tracked through a public register of the participating clubs, so anyone can check and verify what’s going on. We positively encourage the clubs to inform their customers that they’re going through the FitCert.eu scheme. Stage 3 is about conformity assessment to achieve the status of being a Compliant Club. There are 10 further questions to answer at this stage and assessments are done by an independent certification body, working with industry experts.