HCM Issue 11 2021

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photos: alex nicholl - bxr

photos: alex nicholl - bxr

Sweat by BXR is a pay-to-train concept

BXR London was the original concept, with Sweat by BXR an evolution of the brand

The club features high end interiors

Nicholl (left) with the team at Sweat by BXR, Doha

What member-facing tech are you using? In our studio we feature the latest TS Versaclimber, the most tech-updated climber, which is equipped with a wifi/Bluetooth touch screen. This enables climbers to record and save workouts, view graphs of feet-per-minute, stroke length and strokes per minute and see total sessions completed. They can also see feet climbed, heart rate and average feet-perminute and compete for rankings on leaderboards. We encourage them to share their successes on social media. BXR is currently building a new app and website, with both launching in January 2022. The app is being created by Swift Studios (www.swiftstudio.co). In terms of this new tech, we’ll be using the Mindbody API – customising it and interfacing it directly with the BXR app. Key features will enable members to log-in and create an account, choose a home gym location, purchase workout packs, book PT sessions and schedule classes. It will feature a home screen where we can promote everything that’s available within the BXR world.

The BXR app for members and the workouts will also be available on the BXR InstagramTV channel, with this being run in-house.

What back of house tech are you using? At Sweat by BXR international locations we use ZingFit as the operational back of house tech. It is arguably one of the leading software platforms for class-based studio management. How have you future-proofed the concept? Bergman Interiors, who have designed all our gyms for both the BXR and Sweat by BXR brands, continue to do so as part of our international and franchise models. This keeps all our product lines, standards and visuals in line with our brand. As we work exclusively with them for our gyms, every year and on each new build, we work at pushing the boundary of our interiors and offering to give our clients the best possible environment and product to enjoy. l ©Cybertrek 2021 Issue 11 2021