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What have you built? Give us the details. We have a full Sweat by BXR offering including three studios, changing facilities and a café lounge. Our studios are: a Versaclimber room featuring our signature class – Climb to the Beat – a boxing room featuring three class types, including Sweatbox and Strengthbox and a mobility room offering everything from yoga and Pilates to stretch and TRX classes. This is the third Sweat by BXR – tell us about the creative process behind the development of the model Versaclimbing and Climb to the Beat are distinguishing elements of Sweat By BXR. It’s become our lead studio in terms of attendance and popularity. We accept and appreciate this is a brand new cardio concept for the audience, who are unfamiliar with the machines. As the creators of this class and the first company in the world to bring group training on a Versaclimber into franchising – especially in the Middle East, this was always going to have its challenges. In order to make sure the class is delivered and taught with the same skill and performance as in London, we have a team of three of our best UK trainers working in Doha.They’re there not only teaching the class to clients in the region, but also developing the Doha team and local trainers. We’ve been doing this for three months now, making sure all our classes are delivered at an exceptional level.

We’re targeting local female markets by running womenonly classes through the day Why have you chosen to open with a payto-train model rather than a membership? Sweat by BXR is a pay-to-train concept so it follows suit, however we do have some memberships within our pricing models which are now being taken up in Doha as well as being very popular in the UK. The pricing seems very reasonable for such an affluent country. What’s the thinking? Our services and product list are the same as in the UK, but the pricing is in line with other pay-to-train studios across the Middle East. Our pricing is high for single visits, but for those who show commitment and visit frequently – buying larger packs and memberships – the pricing becomes more reasonable. Tell us about the F&B We have a full café and lounge serving preand post-workout shakes, coffees, teas and so forth. We’re also working with a local partner to offer healthy take-away food.

photo: alex nicholl - bxr

Versaclimbing and Climb to the Beat are defining club elements