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HCM people

HCM people I don’t want to compete with gyms, I want to complement them. We’re going to places where they’re not – parks, schools and cul-de-sacs

Randy Hetrick Founder of TRX and OutFit

photo: randy hetrick/outfit

With TRX already a global phenomenon, where does the motivation come from to begin again? I’m a start-up guy. I like creating something which wasn’t there yesterday, working out ideas, vetting them and building a team to bring them to fruition. TRX has become a pretty big machine and I’m not a guy who grew up in big, corporate management structures, so I’ve brought in some folks who, I hope, can scale up my “big kid”, so I can go over and work on the new baby.

What is OutFit? A fleet of world class gyms rolling through neighbourhoods like Amazon delivery vans, meticulously designed so you can set up a class for 30 to 40 people in 10 minutes. Each van has enough gear to train up to 100 people: suspension trainers, rip trainers, ladders, strength bands, bandits, slam balls, kettlebells, heavy ropes, jump ropes and ground mats. In addition to our TRX-style HIIT classes, we’ve partnered with Zumba and will also be launching OutFit’s Yoga Under the Sun classes this winter. This network of mobile gyms is coordinated by an extremely sophisticated technology platform, which is Hetrick launched his new fitness franchise model OutFit in April 2021


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