HCM Issue 11 2021

Page 100

Building up your business with Tanita

ONE STEP AT A TIME We now offer you a new, step-by-step, payment plan* option, allowing you to set up your own health measurement facility and start earning additional revenue while enhancing your member experience in a budget friendly manner. How you benefit:

Improve member retention by demonstrating success and progress with accurate, in-depth health statistics Increase revenue by offering ‘chargeable’ health checks to the general public and/or other businesses and organisations

MC-780 MA P**

Increase member recruitment by demonstrating how you can help potential new members understand their current health status

Get in touch for your personal offer now! Contact Simon Wilkinson on 07795 278733 or simon.wilkinson@tanita.eu

*The Tanita payment plan has zero interest and no additional charges. **Payment plan applies to a selected range of products.