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One of the ways independents engaged members was to lend out kit for free from the gym during lockdowns

Indie kids Independent gyms in the UK have fared better during the pandemic than larger corporate operators in holding on to their members, according to research



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Agile and with strong communities, independent operators have shown resilience during COVID-19

hanks to being small and agile and able to adapt and pivot quickly to deliver what their members needed during lockdown, independents have outperformed the sector during the past year, according to research by 4global, ukactive and GGFit, called the Independent Fitness Clubs Benchmarking Report. The study found that net member movement was generally positive during key times in 2020 for independent clubs, in spite of being negative for the wider sector. Membership levels bounced back significantly better in terms of visit throughput and active member percentage. The report is based on a study from July to December 2020, using data from 627 independent clubs, representing a total of 289,000 members, 3.9 million visits to independent gyms and revenue of £32m. The percentage of active members was lower in July and November 2020, when compared to 2019 levels, due to clubs being in lockdown for most of the time during these months. But by December 2020 the level of active members recovered to within

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