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ne legacy of COVID-19 will be a long-term requirement to support those affected, by providing dedicated rehabilitation and support services. The current medical guidance is for people to get back to their previous level of activity as soon as possible – even aiming to be more active. At the moment, however, there’s limited guidance around how to do this and with COVID-19 leaving some people with everything from Long COVID to undiagnosed heart conditions (see HCM October 2020, p76), developing expertise in this area is vital. The physical activity sector has the chance to step up as an essential service, but we must upskill, absorb knowledge as new understanding of the virus continues to emerge and appreciate that a bespoke approach will be required when dealing with this cohort. We take a look at emerging initiatives from across the activity sector. 62

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he clinical division of boutique fitness provider Ten Health and Fitness, TenClinical was set up in 2018 as a clinical exercise rehab facility. A Coronavirus Recovery programme has been designed, which sets out to reduce the impact of Long COVID, symptoms of which can include everything from diminished lung function, heart problems and muscular and joint disorders to chronic fatigue. COVID-19 can also exacerbate underlying health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal and mental health conditions. “Each Long COVID programme is designed around an individual client’s symptoms, condition, health and exercise history. It’s carefully prescribed, science-led and delivered and monitored on a one-to-one basis by qualified clinical exercise physiologists,” says Adam Hewitt, Ten’s head of clinical. Plans vary but all include frequent assessments of pulmonary, cardiovascular and muscular strength and a prescribed exercise plan, including resistance and aerobic exercise. ●

For many people, the recovery period can be worse than the infection itself Adam Hewitt


The health and fitness sector knows the vital role it plays in boosting immunity in the face of COVID-19. Now there’s another opportunity to be an essential service: helping people recover from the virus. Kate Cracknell reports

The physical activity sector has a vital role to play in immunity boosting and rehabilitation


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