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BREAKING barriers Fitness is not just a growing business, it’s a movement. David Minton summarises the key findings from the latest State of the Fitness Industry Report


’m sticking to my prediction that from now until 2020, the health and fitness sector will continue to break all barriers. It is, and will continue to be, a golden period for fitness. The consistent methodology used in the data audit and the robust database that lie behind the State of the Fitness Industry Reports focus on key metrics that continue to be very positive for the industry. The audit and report for the past six years has highlighted that all key indicators – the number of sites, the number of members and the value of the market – have all been growing. Now add to that the industry’s improved consumer-focused technology – including personalisation, localisation, seamless booking and payment options – and the barriers to participation have been even further eradicated. For example, just one element of this new consumer-focused technology – online class bookings – jumped from almost zilch five years ago to 46 per cent across the private health and fitness sector today. Likewise, in the public health and fitness sector, where many operators were quicker to adopt new technology, online bookings now stand at an even more impressive 65 per cent.


HCM Handbook 2019

London is over-achieving with one in every five people being a member of a gym in the city