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Body LANGUAGE Les Mills™ Virtual group exercise classes are successfully integrating international students into the campus community at the University of Leeds BALANCING LIFE SURVEY

The University of Leeds has a large international student population, many of whom attend the Business School. However, its location on the outskirts of campus makes it more difficult for them to engage with facility-focused activities at the university’s on-campus gym – The Edge. To identify the activity levels of staff and students, the Sport and Physical Activity department conducts an annual Balancing Life Survey, which looks at the areas of campus where there could be more opportunities for them to get involved. Engaging international students, especially through activities that support their experience of British culture, was identified as a key area of focus. Similarly, the survey identified the need to build networks and increase the integration of students from different cultural backgrounds. The survey also revealed that there are thousands of students looking to learn new languages and seeking opportunities to incorporate language learning into real-life settings. As a result of these findings, the Sport and Physical Activity department teamed up with the university’s International Office to undertake a pilot scheme aimed at leveraging group exercise classes at The Edge for international students. 66

HCM Handbook 2019

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