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Boutique BUBBLE Who are the biggest burners and when do they break a sweat? Insights manager Lizzie Broughton sums up ukactive’s inaugural Global Boutique Trends report


HCM Handbook 2019



ew from ukactive, the Global Boutique Trends Report (2018 edition) highlights demographics and behaviours driving the boutique boom in London, New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City. The report is based on data gathered by booking software company zingfit and analysed by the ukactive Research Institute in London from a sample of one million customers and five million bookings. The team looked at who attends boutique fitness classes, when they book and attend classes, and where they’re from. Even though the traditional perception of boutiques is of female-dominated environments (think yoga and spin), the extent of women’s influence is surprising. ukactive researchers found that more than 80 per cent of boutique fitness customers are female across three of the four cities in the study – an overwhelming figure, which highlights the strong demand amongst women for boutique fitness classes. In London and New York, women make up 83 per cent of classes booked, while in Los Angeles and Mexico City they make up 81 per cent and 68 per cent of bookings respectively.

Boutique fitness is most popular with Millennials