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2019 Predictions

What’s in store for the fitness and physical activity sector in 2019? We ask our panel of experts

“ People will start to join smaller boutique gyms to make companions


eople will always motivate people! What really motivates customers joining in gym classes is the other members taking part. The fitness industry is booming and gym memberships are now considered a necessity when relocating to a new city. People find a place to live, secure a job and bag a gym membership! This is very powerful. We call it “The UN1T DNA”. Primarily, gyms offer people a community to help motivate and encourage them to get the best out of themselves in health and fitness classes, but they also offer them a community for support outside of the gym. Joining a gym is a great way to meet like-minded friends or even partners! Although it’s already in motion, more people will start to join smaller boutique gyms not only to get fit but to make 36

HCM Handbook 2019

People work harder as a member of a UN1T than when working alone companions and build relationships. Living in a big city can be mentally challenging and it can be hard to find good friendships, so gyms can offer a strong community service. We believe a person works harder as a member of a UN1T than when working alone. This is called the UN1T effect! “We Train As One” is printed all over our studio walls. All our classes are team based and we encourage members to communicate with one another to complete the day’s programme. This will grow in coming years.

People also need to be made accountable in a class or they’ll coast along and not get the results they want. If a “not so fit” member pairs up with a much fitter person, they often exert extra effort, especially at conjunctive tasks. Although this may put the “not so fit” members under pressure, we believe that if you’re not challenged, you’ll not change. The feeling of working for your partner and out of your comfort zone is amazing and creates a bond between our members, inside and outside of the gym. www.HCMhandbook.com

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Rob Smyth, Founder/CEO, UN1T