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Rodrigo Jesus CEO at

Salus Optima McLaren Racing recently announced a technical collaboration with Salus Optima, a data-driven

software company that aims to empower its users

to reach their health and wellbeing potential.

The Salus Optima CEO explains how it works

What’s your background?

I have 25 years’ experience in technology, running mainly software companies. Mostly in enterprise software where complex integrations and scalability were critical topics for our clients. Throughout my career I worked with large software groups such as IBM, SAP and other major players.

Tell us about Salus Optima – what has its story been so far? Salus Optima was founded to help solve

everyday lifestyle issues through a novel approach. The issues are inactivity, poor nutrition and mental health. The novel approach is to use a highly sophisticated technology framework underpinned by human performance, science and methodologies to help people achieve their goals at their own pace. As a society we‘re facing a daunting challenge with health care costs spiralling out of control. This is mainly due to poor lifestyle choices and a broken system that does not prioritise prevention. At Salus Optima we’ve Rodrigo Jesus says Salus Optima was founded to help solve everyday lifestyle issues


1 2021

been building technology to combat these issues through changing and incorporating positive habits that will empower our users and improve their own health outcomes.