FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

Page 67

According to Saekel, top sports coaches report that ROX Pro makes athletes work harder and longer

Overall, kids and parents loved the concept and

Who’s your target audience?

experience, but we found that it was very difficult to

Our core target audience for the last 18

market it as it required lots of customer education.

months has been performance coaches,

However, sports coaches immediately saw the value in our product. At that time training based on the

personal trainers, amateur sports trainers, physical therapists and PE teachers.

reaction to light stimuli started to become a hot topic

With our new version – ROX Home – we are now

in pro sports, as sports science realised that this kind

targeting families who want to work out at home but

of training helped to improve crucial mental capacities

who are bored with traditional ways of home training.

– like sensory capacities, reaction, decision making, perception and concentration/alertness – of players.

How customisable are your products?

The problem was that until then all available light

The best thing about ROX is the fact that they

training solutions were extremely expensive, not user

are fully customisable. They can be integrated

friendly, and based on an old-school technology.

into any kind of training, at any place, and help

Based on this feedback, we developed our current product, ROX Pro, to be a smart training assistant for everybody in the game of training

people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities to get effective and engaging training done. We have interactive content for fitness (HIIT,

people. It’s the only interactive training system on

Family Fitness), active games and sports specific

the planet that not only comes with light, but also

training so that you can train like a professional

with sound and vibration – this is ‘multisensory’

athlete in many different sports categories. All

stimulation, and it’s much more versatile and

our programmes are developed by coaches and

effective than pure light-based reaction training.

sports scientists who have worked with and for

By now some of the biggest and most famous sport clubs and coaches use ROX

some of the biggest global athletes and teams. Every interaction with the ROX is measured, so our

Pro to create more effective and engaging

users can also track all their sessions, either via the

one-to-one sessions with their athletes.

in-app analytics or via the cloud-based dashboard. 2 2021