FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

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JESSICA ENNIS-Hill Founder Jennis

Jessica Ennis-Hill is on a mission to close the gender data gap in health research. Her app, Jennis CycleMapping, is designed to help women

understand their cycles and how to train during each different phase. Steph Eaves speaks to Ennis-Hill to find out exactly how it works

Tell us about Jennis. What is it? PHOTO: jennis fitness

On the surface it’s an app that uses a blend of tech and content to help women map their training to their menstrual cycles. Lots of fitness programmes are shaped by male data, so we use the latest female physiological intelligence to help women tailor their workouts to what’s going on in their cycle. This means they get bigger training gains and work with their hormones, rather than against them. But, really, Jennis is about us thinking much bigger. There is a huge gender data gap when it comes to women’s health, with just 8 per cent of studies exclusively featuring female participants. So, our big brand ambition is to close the gender data gap by doing our own research, then help women at every life stage understand their body and hormones better. We’re really excited about how we can make a difference in this space.

Where did the idea come from? The original idea for Jennis came about after I was pregnant with my son Reggie. At the time, I was looking for quality advice on how to stay active through my pregnancy and looked out to the wider world for help. I was really shocked by how complicated and contradictory all the sources were.

With Jennis, Ennis-Hill aims to help women to better understand their body and hormones

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