FitTech Magazine Issue 4 2/2021

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We’re ultimately bringing health monitoring technologies from the doctor’s office into the home, to help patients and their physicians make life-saving changes

Tell us about your own journey within Withings

After graduating from Cachan with a bachelor’s degree in robotics, I joined Withings in 2011 as the company’s first customer support agent. From there, I continued working in customer support, ultimately leading the team and building the quality and customer support functions in France and the United States. When Nokia acquired Withings in 2016, I joined Nokia Digital Health as the quality and customer service director. Now it’s back under the Withings name, I’m CEO. I’ve been proud to be a member of such an innovative company for almost a decade and really believe in the company’s vision of creating beautifully designed devices that people can easily incorporate into their daily lives to manage and take control of their health. At Withings, we’re truly improving the way both patients and the medical community are able to monitor, identify and understand health levels and issues. It’s great to be part of such an important company.

What is the big picture now?

products that people are comfortable with using

We’re focused on being the bridge between

on a daily basis, we’ve expanded our focus

patients and their physicians through our

to actually help patients and their physicians

medical-grade, clinically validated devices.

understand and identify serious health issues

In the early days of Withings, we created

early. Additionally, we’re focused on working

connected health devices that helped

with the wider medical community, including

consumers understand their health levels and

institutions, payers, researchers, disease

reach their health goals through beautifully

management programme directors and coaching

designed, simple-to-use devices.

platforms, to provide them with the medical-

While we’re still committed to creating devices that are user-friendly and built into


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grade data needed to offer more personalised care and create lasting healthcare solutions.