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An energy-generating flooring system, Baliinspired bamboo furniture and a new lamp by Olafur Eliasson...what’s new in product design

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New lamps for Tivoli Gardens designed by Olafur Eliasson and Little Sun The Tivoli Gardens historic

house chandeliers’ and Cirkelbroen

amusement park in central

(circle bridge) in Copenhagen. Little Sun is a social business

Copenhagen, Denmark, is collaborating with acclaimed

and global project founded by

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur

Eliasson and engineer Frederik

Eliasson and his Little Sun project.

Ottesen to bring clean, reliable, affordable energy to the 1.1

In 2017, a new signature lamp, designed by Eliasson and powered

billion people in the world living in

by sustainable energy, will shine at

off-grid areas without electricity. The project’s first product, the Little

Tivoli Gardens and a special Tivoli Little Sun lamp will be available in

Sun solar LED lamp, was launched

the shop for visitors to take home.

in 2012. The second product, Little

Olafur Eliasson is known for his

Sun Charge, a solar phone charger, has just been launched worldwide.

diverse artworks and large-scale

Tivoli Gardens’ CEO Lars

installations, which often employ light,

Liebst said: “I am convinced

fog, and other ephemeral materials. Eliasson’s permanent artistic landmarks in Denmark include the ‘Your

that by joining forces Tivoli and Eliasson will be able to reach new

rainbow panorama’ installation, a 150m circular, coloured-glass walkway

standards for amusement park design as well as sustainability and

situated on the roof of the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, and the ‘Opera

enhance the Tivoli experience to the great benefit of our visitors.”

Ibuku’s bamboo furniture collection gives a warm, natural feel Balinese bamboo design specialist Ibuku has revealed a ‘warm and tactile’ furniture collection. Designed for people who want to bring a natural feel into their interior design projects, the collection features a selection of seating, shelving and


fixtures hand crafted out of bamboo.

celebrate its

Ibuku, behind the creation of the

to complete

uses local talented craftspeople and

the feeling our

designers to work with the natural

homes and buildings give, of being both

resource for its projects and products.

inspired and at ease. The collection

Ibuku’s founder Elora Hardy said: “We


uniqueness, and

bamboo-based Green Village in Bali,

we bring you is warm and tactile.”

have been designing furniture for each of

Collection designs include the Journey

our structures for as long as we have been

Table, Moon Lounge Chair with leather seat,

building them, striving to express bamboo’s

Sway Teardrop swing and Eclipse shelving.

CLADmag 2016 ISSUE 3

Profile for Leisure Media

CLADmag issue 3 2016  

for leisure architects, designers, investors & developers

CLADmag issue 3 2016  

for leisure architects, designers, investors & developers