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Copenhagen-based practice JAJA Architects are turning a 1960s


gigantic streetscape, with a calisthenics area, parkour

JAJA Architects won the competition to repurpose

building will become a living canvas for street art.

track and a bouldering rock. The façade of the

building in Aalborg into

a 1960s laboratory in Aalborg into the fourth

a ‘thriving and dynamic

Streetmekka, which will open next year. The building’s

we have strived to preserve its industrial magic and

street laboratory’

former experimental hall will host bouldering, parkour,

generate an environment which invites the users to

basketball and soccer, and the laboratory wing will be

play with new forms of movement, social meetings

used for activities with practical requirements, such as

and surprising happenings. Our aim has been to

dance, the sound studio and street kitchen.

create a thriving and dynamic street laboratory,” says

An outdoor area has been organised into a

“Inspired by the beauty of the existing building,

Kathrin Gimmel, partner at JAJA Architects. ●

JAJA’s design includes spaces for resting and viewing as well as the sports facilities