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THE NATURE BOARDWALK AT LINCOLN PARK ZOO CHICAGO, US For this project, completed in 2010, Studio Gang designed a boardwalk and nature trail around a 19th century pond in Lincoln Park Zoo, as well as a curved wooden pavilion, which acts as an open air classroom. Studio Gang used the project to improve the water quality of the urban pond and transform it into a thriving ecological habitat.


“We were asked to design a pavilion for the Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo. They just wanted to do a pavilion and call it a day, but when we started looking at the site we realised there was much more to it. We said: Let’s take over the pond itself, which was picturesque but smelly, dirty and unsustainable. We put a team together who were able to address habitat, environment and water quality, and by redoing the pond with this more biodiverse habitat it became a magnet for all kinds of plants and animals. It’s this incredibly wild space right in the middle of the city. The pavilion itself is made out of bent wood; it’s beautiful. Without the architecture the spot wouldn’t be the magnet for people the way it is now. This shows the potential a building has to inspire change.” The Nature Boardwalk runs


around the pond, passing through educational zones that highlight the animals, plants and habitats