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“The design for Aqua uses architecture to capture and reinterpret the human and outdoor connections that occur more naturally when living closer to the ground. Its distinctive form is achieved by varying the floor slabs across the height of the tower, based on criteria such as views, sunlight, and use” JEANNE GANG PHOTO: STEVE HALL ©HEDRICH BLESSING

AQUA TOWER CHICAGO, US Completed in 2010, the 82 storey, 876-foot Aqua Tower in Chicago combines a hotel, offices, rental apartments, condominiums, and parking, and features one of Chicago’s largest green roofs. The irregular, sculpted shape of the tower was inspired by geological forms, and creates outdoor terraces , maximising views and solar shading and allowing residents to interact easily with their neighbours. The undulating shape also helps to prevent bird collisions, along with the fritted glass etched with grey marks that make it easier for birds to see it.

The undulating shape of Aqua Tower effectively ‘confuses’ the heavy Chicago winds, helping to stabilise the building