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The centre’s experiential galleries answer some questions about the cave art, and provoke others

“There’s a massive amount of

landscape or architecture,” Snøhetta founder Craig Dykers

knowledge about Lascaux, but also

told CLAD. “It occupies space and

many different interpretations of how

likewise you occupy it. You walk on

it came to be and no real, definitive

the roof, it feel as though it’s yours

answers,” Casson Mann founder

and you own your experience. It’s

Roger Mann told CLAD. “Our goal

very connected to the earth we

then was to provide context to these

stand on, and it mediates between

questions, to move people and

the municipal context of the nearby

to give them room to explore the

town, the agrarian landscape of the

permutations of what they have just

immediate surroundings and the

seen inside the facsimile.

paleolithic cave within.”

“Despite the centre being

experience of the cave replica with

experience is designed to be one of

contemporary design, the trap of

magic and authenticity.”

artifice is avoided, because while the presence of a reproduction,

is a low-rising glass and concrete

they still feel its impact. II – an original replica of the cave

the line between the surrounding

that opened in 1983 – and prevents

valley and Lascaux hill.”

that attraction from becoming overcrowded. There is also a

exterior floors use the same type

Lascaux III – an 800sq m (8,600sq

of concrete to create a distinctive

ft) mobile replica of the cave that is

monolithic appearance.

taken around the world. l

CLAD mag 2017 ISSUE 2

of the original Lascaux cave, which is now closed

Lascaux IV complements Lascaux

or a horizontal fault that accentuates

The walls, roof and interior and

takes visitors into the heart

the visitor understands they are in

with local firm SRA Architectes, structure designed as “an incision,

A 3D cinema experience

He added that by framing the

built around a replica, the visitor

Snøhetta’s building, conceived


which was used to create it.

“The building feels like neither


and the techniques and equipment