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There was a pronounced need for something of this magnitude

The route is elevated 5m (16.4ft) above the city’s overcrowded roads

Steen Savery Trojaborg IMAGES: MA WEIWEI

‘World’s longest’ cycle skyway promotes green transport and active lifestyles in Xiamen, China


anish architecture practice

the new skyway is to inspire people

Dissing+Weitling have designed

to prioritise the green alternative,

a 7.6km (4.7 miles) elevated

the bicycle, instead of the car.”

bicycle route – billed as “the

Dissing+Weitling collaborated with

longest in the world” – in the heart

local firms CSCEC Steel Structure and

of the Chinese city Xiamen.

JSTI Engineering on the project.

The ‘cycling skyway’ has been built to

The studio’s CEO, Steen Savery

decrease traffic congestion and promote

Trojaborg, told CLAD: “There was a

greener and more sustainable forms of

pronounced need for something of this

transportation, as well as more active

magnitude. A safe bike path that gives its

and healthy lifestyles. It was designed

users a joyful experience of overlooking

and completed in only six months.

the city was an obvious way to facilitate

The route is elevated 5m (16.4ft) above

mobility and relieve infrastructural

the road, just below the Xiamen’s bus

tension in this area of the city, while

rapid transit line, and crosses five major

at the same time promoting cycling.

residential areas and three business

“We took much care in designing the

zones. Eleven entry and exit points

route so that it fits the bike riders’ phys-

allow access to public transportation,

ical abilities and is comfortable to use.”

shopping malls and public buildings.

The architects have designed

The width of the skyway, 4.8m (15.7ft),

elevated bicycle lanes across the world,

allows cyclists to travel alongside

including Copenhagen’s famous 230m

each other and prevents congestion.

long ‘Bicycle Snake,’ which opened

“As in most Chinese cities, Xiamen’s

in 2014. They are developing similar

infrastructure is solely focused on cars

projects in Singapore and California.

and buses, which makes it very difficult

‘We want to see clever urban planning

and hazardous to bicycle along the

that reduces potentially hazardous infra-

city’s main arterial routes,” said the

structural situations and creates positive

studio in a statement. “The vision for

urban side effects,” said Trojaborg.


The skyway was designed and completed in just six months

Also by Dissing+Weitling: Copenhagen’s ‘Bicycle Snake’

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