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Inzuki Designs will source local products for the interior décor

Rwandan design flair embedded in ‘cultural and contemporary’ forest safari lodge

I’d love to achieve a strong local flavour to make the lodge look and feel authentically Rwandan Teta Isibo


wandan fashion entrepre-

collaborating with Nick Plewman

from the Royal Palace of Nyanza.

neur Teta Isibo has been

Architects, interior designer

The spherical, thatched structures

appointed by ecotourism

Caline Williams-Wynn, local

evoke the thousands of hills that

operator Wilderness Safaris

textile experts and the country’s

dot the Rwandan landscape.

to bring “a vibrant Rwandan flair”

National Ethnographic Museum

to the interior design of its Bisate

to create a safari lodge that “takes

be decorated using ‘imigongo,’

Lodge, which is due to open

time-worn customs and gives

a traditional art form unique to

in one of the country’s remote

them contemporary relevance.”

Rwanda that mixes cow dung

mountain valleys on 1 June 2017. Isibo, the founder Rwandan


studio Inzuki Designs, is

She will source locally-made

paint geometric shapes. The use

décor and other operational items

of black and white cow hides will

such as uniforms and souvenirs

also reflect the rural way of life in

to be sold once it opens.

the villages, and volcanic stone

(979.5sq ft) forest villas made from concrete, steel, timber, volcanic

in the fireplaces will evoke the adjacent Volcanoes National Park. “We’re using textiles and chande-

rock, bamboo, reed and papyrus.

liers with an emerald green colour,

The complex is located 57 miles

because they’re reminiscent of the

from Rwanda’s capital Kigali on a

verdant greens of the rainforests,

steep valley in the Albertine Rift –

as well as the vibrant markets that

one of the most biodiverse regions

dot the villages throughout the

of the African continent. The site

country”, said Williams-Wynn.

forms a natural amphitheatre overlooking active volcano Mount Bisok. The architectural and interior

CLAD mag 2017 ISSUE 2

with soils of different colours to

products for Bisate’s interior

The lodge is formed of six 91sq m

The spherical, thatched structures evoke local building traditions

Many of the furnishings will

Isibo added: “As a designer focused on fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary

design is rooted in Rwandan

Rwandan design, the Bisate

building traditions, taking its cue

project is very exciting for me.”