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CLAD news Sejima was tasked with creating a landmark to attract tourists

SANAA’s Kazuyo Sejima designs mirrored museum dedicated to legendary Japanese printmaker


he life and art of the

Sumida an opportunity to learn

local park. This integration, and

famous Japanese painter

about Hokusai and appreciate his

a design that creates multiple

and printmaker Katsushika

art in one purpose-built place.

entrances to avoid the sense of

Hokusai is celebrated in a

Off Kanagawa’ by Katsushika Hokusai

a striking five-storey angular

a back, is intended to encourage

SANAA’s Pritzker Prize-winning

building partly divided by gentle

passers-by into the building.

architect Kazuyo Sejima.

slits, one of which creates a public

located in the ward of the

pathway through the museum. Aluminium panels lining the

The splits in the façade, which include sloping glass windows, allow people on the

same name, is the sculptural

exterior have a mirrored quality

outside of the museum to look

home for over 18,000 works

that reflects the changing scenes

in, while offering those inside

created by Hokusai and his

of the surrounding downtown

views of the Tokyo skyline.

apprentices over 200 years ago.

area, capturing local life in the

As well as the exhibition galleries,

manner of one of Hokusai’s

the facility includes lecture halls,

both a landmark to attract tourists

woodblock ukiyo-e folk tale prints.

workshops, a library and research

and a community-centred building

The reflections also allow the

centre; all dedicated to preserving

Sejima was tasked with creating

that finally gives the citizens of


the building having a front and

new Tokyo museum, design by

The Sumida Hokusai Museum, ‘The Great Wave

To achieve this she has designed

museum to blend in with the

and expanding on the artist’s legacy.

CLAD mag 2017 ISSUE 2