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ARos Aarhus Art Museum: ‘The Next Level’, Denmark

We will create an experience of real colour and energy James Turrell artist & Morten Schmidt co-founder Schmidt Hammer Lassen PHOTO: MORTEN FAUERBY-MONTGOMERY


pirituality, creativity and artistic freedom are driving a major collaboration between architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen and light artist James Turrell for the ARos

Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark, the co-founder of the Danish practice has told CLAD. Morten Schmidt said Turrell’s vast installation is being fitted as part of the museum’s ¤40m (US$42.4m, £34m) expansion. The work – called The Next Level – will allow visitors to “experience real colour and energy” as art and architecture merge to create a new type of civic experience. The project will see the addition of a 1,200sq m

(12,900sq ft) underground gallery and a gigantic semi-subterranean art installation called the Dome, described by the team as “one of the most spectacular spaces ever built into an art museum.” “The scale of it is incredible,” said Schmidt. “The director of our museum, Erlend Høyersten, is a very forward-looking person. He thinks that it’s absolutely crucial for young people to be exposed heavily to art and to be engaged.

Architect Morten Schmidt, left, and

“Everything they see on TV is so

artist James Turrell are collaborating on

pre-determined and without spontaneity that

an installation for the ARos Aarhus Art

they’re not using the artistic part of their brain

Museum, called The Next Level (below)

enough. So he really wants them to come in and experience something that's real and memorable.” IMAGE: BEAUTY AND THE BIT

Visitors to the attraction will face an experience in colour and light as they travel through a string of galleries and exhibition spaces, stretching almost 120m (393.7ft) below the ground, until they reach the inside of the spectacular Dome, which is 40m (131.2ft) in diameter and rises to a height of 9m (29.5ft) above ground level. Schmidt Hammer Lassen are the original designers of the building, which opened in 2004. The architects also collaborated with

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