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MIT researchers create material with the best strength-to-weight ratio in the world We’ve translated these two-dimensional materials into three-dimensional structures Markus Buehler, MIT

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has created a new material by compressing and fusing flakes of graphene. This new material has 10 times the strength of steel with only five percent of its volume. The new material has a sponge-

The material

done is to realise the wish of translating

like configuration and a geometric

these two-dimensional materials into

is created by

shape resembling coral.

three-dimensional structures.”

compressing and

The researchers found that the unique

Discovered by University of Manchester

formation of the three-dimensional

professors Kostya Novoselov and

form was more crucial than the material

Andre Geim, graphene is one of the

itself. This suggests that a variety of

strongest known materials, and the

lightweight, strong materials could

world’s first two-dimensional material.

be created from different sources using the same geometric features. Markus Buehler, head of MIT’s

fusing flakes of graphene

In its original form graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and one million times thinner than a human hair.

Department of Civil Environmental CLAD-KIT KEYWORD

Engineering and the McAfee Professor of Engineering, said: “What we’ve


David Rockwell reveals collaborative collections ●

While each collection is unique, the products have been conceived for designers to use in a wide range of settings David Rockwell, Rockwell Group


New York-based designer and architect

worked with

David Rockwell has collaborated

Gaia&Gino on a

with a number of agencies to launch

lamp collection

new lighting, seating and flooring

inspired by nature

collections for the hospitality industry. Rockwell created the lighting collection with Turkish lighting design company Gaia&Gino. The collection features three designs: Twist, Ribbon and Leaf. For seating, Rockwell collaborated with bespoke furniture design

It’s Rockwell’s first furniture collection

company Stellar Works to create an elegant seating solution based on the

our first furniture collection, Valet, with

timelessness of the school chair.

Stellar Works. While each collection

Ethereal Beauty is a collection of

is unique, the products – from the

bespoke carpets exploring patterns found

new arm and side chairs for our Valet

in nature using soft, tonal textures.

collection for Stellar Works, to our Cozy

The collection was inspired by artistic

woven wool wallcoverings for Maya

representations of the natural world.

Romanoff, to our new Ethereal Beauty

Ethereal Beauty marks Rockwell’s fourth

carpet collection for Shaw Hospitality

collaboration with Shaw Contract Group.

– have been conceived for designers

Rockwell said: “We are thrilled to be

to use in a wide range of settings.”

working again with two of our favourite long-time collaborators, Maya Romanoff ●

Stellar Works was a collaborator


and Shaw Contract Group, and extending


Rockwell Group

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