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Adventurous visitors to the Sky Walk & Observation Deck can descend the structure via a 101m-long slide

ABOVE THE TREES Project: Sky Walk & Observation Deck Location: Czech Republic Architects: Franek Architects Construction has been completed on a

wooden ramp for strollers and wheelchairs,

The structure – formed of 550 cubic

meandering ’Sky Walk’ and observation

and it is possible to descend via a winding

metres of timber, nearly 400 tonnes of

deck towering 55m (180ft) above a

101m steel slide with side windows.

steel and over 40,000 pins, clamps and

forest valley in the Czech Republic. Local studio Franek Architects created the dramatic timber and steel structure for a ski and wellness resort in the mountains near Dolni Morava.

Netting at the very top is suspended across

bolts – was largely assembled by hand,

a loop in the walkway, creating a hammock

as local safety and construction laws

with stomach-churning views below.

limited the use of machinery allowed on the

“We wanted to create a new kind of experience,” says lead architect Zdenik

mountain. Assisted by a crane, workers had to climb the structure as it grew taller. The Sky Walk is available for visitors

The Sky Walk provides a constantly shifting

Fránek. “There are constructions of a similar

view as you climb to an altitude of 1,116 meters

size, but ours takes on an abstract form that

to the Dolni Morava Relax and Sport

above sea level. There are a number of ways

suggests the flight of a nocturnal butterfly

Resort, which offers a range of summer

to ascend the tower, including an accessible

whose path is seemingly chaotic.”

and winter adventure activities. l