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POINTS OF VIEW Project: Utsikten Location: Gaularfjell National Tourist Route, Norway Architects: Code Arkitektur Norway’s famous network of

offer clear views of the mountains

architecture tourist routes is set

and fjords ahead and provide

to get a new viewpoint attraction

paths for visitors to walk along

in June – a concrete triangle slab

and even under the structure.

balanced on a dramatic mountainside. Designed by Norwegian architects

However, building Utsikten has not been easy, with no electricity,

Code, the Utsikten (the View) is being

phone reception or internet access

built on the Gaularfjell National Tourist

at the construction site, as well

Route (NTR). The NTR project began

as unpredictable weather at the

in 1994, combining the 18 most

high altitude and roads that can be

spectacular roads in Norway with

challenging for transporting materials.

architectural attractions designed to

Code won the competition to

complement scenic highlights, such

design the attraction in 2008. An

as viewpoints and resting places.

amphitheatre, toilet facilities and

“Utsikten is yet another example

parking facilities are also being

of innovative Norwegian tourist route

built at the site, which is 700m

architecture that adapts to steep

(2,297ft) above sea level.

terrain and challenging landscape

“Our ambition is to make a

elements,” says Per Ritzler, media

functional object that exploits

and international relations officer for

the qualities of the site to a

National Tourist Routes in Norway.

maximum by establishing several

The viewing platform, which is

and various viewpoints and ways

in the final stages of construction

of moving around,” says Code

after building started in 2014, will

architect Eivind Nygaard.

CLAD mag 2017 ISSUE 2

Code Arkitektur’s viewing platform balances on the edge of the Gaular mountain, 700m above sea level