CLADmag issue 2 2017

Page 119

Christophe Benichou designed the Tip-Box as a 30th birthday present for a fellow architect friend


TIPPING POINT Project: The Tip-Box Location: Pic Saint Loup, France Architect: Christophe Benichou

It’s just a concept at this stage, but we like this one so much we just had to include it. Designed by architect Christophe Benichou, the Tip-Box is a precariously balanced cube, set at the top of the Pic Saint Loup mountain in France’s Montpellier region. The cube, which is angled downwards, contains seating for hikers to rest and enjoy the dramatic views. “Its structure directs the visitor’s eyes towards the foot of the cliff and virtually projects them into the void,” says Benichou. “That lay-out gives them an ambiguous feeling of a motionless fall or imminent take-off. “It is a praise to the void and an ode to vertigo.”

The cube appears to be about to tip over the edge of the cliff. It provide a space to rest and take in the views